New Normal

Day One. 10-11am. Family walk time – according to one of the myriad suggested COVID-19 home-school schedules we found online. I can see how this sentiment will change, but this walk felt like a vacation to an alternate dimension. Cars in driveways, empty streets, amateur gardeners out getting dirty, the scream sound of a table saw improving a neighbor’s house – not the typical sights and sounds of a late Winter Monday morning. In addition to our P.E. requirement, we swung by the community garden to see the garlic beginning to pop up – instant biology lesson! I’m sure I will soon be grumbling with discontent. I’m no homeschooler. But so far I think about all the GOOD that must coming from our collective halt – We’ve never been so mindful or strategic about feeding our family of four.  Because of this pandemic, we have instant lessons to teach about sharing and conserving. And air quality! I’m pretty sure the atmosphere is happy to have this break from us. We will update this post with new photos as the days turn into weeks and maybe – gulp – months. Hang in there, Earthlings.

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