15 Business Days

It’s been nearly four years since I traded a Metro pass for an EZ Pass. After nearly twelve years as a photography and multimedia editor in Washington D.C., my family and I decided to head to New England – taking an entrepreneurial spirit along with us. More peace, less “pace”.

I celebrated my last “business days” in by documenting what going to work had looked like for so long. (This quickly turned into a thrilling study in how to not annoy fellow train commuters). I set some parameters for the shoot, so it would not completely take over my existence. I carried a camera from the time I left the house in the morning until I arrived home in the afternoon. I shot mostly from the hip, (which is somewhat unrewarding when using a manual focus Leica.) But I didn’t go out of my usual way. These are sights that, most of the time, I took for granted and would quickly forget. But they are sights that that I wanted to burn into memory. 

We’ve landed safely from this leap of faith, though it took some settling dust for us to see our way – to see Maple & Main go from idea to reality. If you are here, even if you’re just peeking around, thank you.

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