The grass is green and the girls are pretty

Witness badassery in motion. Well, frozen motion. Badassery is an approach to life that I set out to take *most* of the time. And it is the only word that can describe the tribe above. These are the Holden Running Moms. I used to run with them when things were allowed. (That’s me in the top left with electric blue pants made specifically for aerial photography 😉 Under no other circumstances would I be the lead runner among these ladies.)

And though you won’t find us running down Main St. in a tight pack at the moment, we are all still running! Many of these ladies had just completed a “virtual” 1/2 marathon before we took the drone for a spin at a local elementary school for this group photo. (Virtual race that is, not virtual miles.) And with at least nine feet in between us, our health and science experts would no doubt approve. To top off a wonderful morning on the baseball field, this frame won “best social distancing” photo of the 2020 Sneakerama Virtual 5K!

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