Environmental Portraiture

Let's go somewhere.

Environmental portraiture is just as it sounds – your portrait, in your environment. First impressions are formed FAST, so your image needs to sing – quickly! A professional portrait is a powerful tool to communicate to potential clients how YOU value attention to detail and professionalism. If you need help deciding on locations, we are here to scout with you and offer technical and artistic guidance.

Branding Libraries

Your picture story.

A custom library of images will communicate the style, voice and business culture that establishes and supports your brand. Your picture story invites customers into your space, and introduces new clients to you and your team. These photos describe you in ways words cannot – from the smallest details and textures, to active scene setting imagery.


First love.

We’ve never strayed too far from our roots as news photographers. Journalism is a steadfast passion. Maple & Main is available for editorial and travel stories and photo editing projects.

Photo Editing & Consulting

Find your voice.

Maple & Main brings almost twenty years in photo editing a diverse suite of digital and print communications including daily news publications, video, magazines, books, and organizational and corporate branding.

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