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Vibrant, authentic branding for creative small businesses and non-profits on a mission.


Before your potential client reads a word about you, they SEE you.

Headline, picture, caption, text. This is the order in which we digest information on a  page. After reading your name or logo, your potential client is probably on the hunt for an image to show them what you're all about – a quick read. Original story-driven visuals differentiate you in a competitive marketplace, and transform the way customers perceive you – in a way that stock photography cannot.

Your visual identity should be delivered consistently, creatively and professionally. Maple & Main Media combines over 30 years of experience in editorial and organizational photography and photo editing. We help to forward the advocacy goals of non-profits, and grow small business brands with a journalistic and artistic approach. We work closely with our dedicated clients to develop truly authentic brand photography – from a LinkedIn profile refresh, to creation of a comprehensive branding library of images.


You may have heard before the well-known photojournalist ideology attributed to photographer Arthur Fellig – "f8 and be there". Being there is at the core of our philosophy.

The best way to tell your story is to "be there" with you. In the heart (and at the height) of your business. This can absolutely extend beyond your physical address – a slice of life on a busy street in your neighborhood, an offbeat creative space where you cultivate inspiration, or your staff working in the field.

Our specialty is shedding the best light without compromising authenticity. That could mean blending into a wall, and letting your jam just unfold. Or transforming a challenging space. It could be cranking on your favorite dance music to relax the vibe. What we do best is anticipate and avoid over-directing. We see those literal and figurative angles that will strike a balance between realness and perfection.


So what are we actually going to shoot and how long will that take? You'll hear us say this a lot: That Depends! We have tailored our inquiry forms with several questions to help you think about where you'd like original photography to take you.

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